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    Nice and slow.

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yes yes

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  5. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve done a little with another guy so I decided to include the details of what our many sleepovers were like, enjoy! ;)

    We’d do the usual hanging out stuff, play video games or whatever. Then when it got towards time to go to bed we would usually get in our sleeping bags on the floor in front of the TV. Eventually one of us would ask the other if they wanted to play truth or dare, which we always knew was going to happen. We would start off asking random truth questions, usually about girls or something and slowly getting more sexual. Once that happened we would both slide our boxers down inside the sleeping bags and I could always tell when he did. That’s when we would start with the dares. We were usually already semi hard by then but we would stay under the sleeping bags to start and dare eachother things like “I dare you to play with yourself” or “I dare you to cradle your balls”. Eventually one of us would dare the other to “play with mine” and we would pull back the sleeping bags, so we were both on our backs next to eachother, cocks sticking up. If he had dared me I would reach over and start by rubbing the length of his shaft before grabbing it and stroking it a little. We started off just playing for short periods of time. We’d usually go back and forth between playing with eachothers cocks and eachothers balls. Sometimes we would dare the other to “play with mine while I play with yours”. We also had this one thing we would do where you grabbed the others cock with one hand right at the tip and rubbed your palm in circles around the tip which was extremely sensitive. After we had had enough sleepovers eventually we added in “I dare you to lick mine” which quickly turned into “I dare you to suck mine” but we only did that for a few seconds at a time. Finally once we had been hard for a while one of us would dare the other to “play with me until I cum, the I’ll play with you till you cum” or we would play with eachother at the same time until we both came. I still remember how good his rock hard cock felt in my hand as I stroked him and he got closer and closer until his cock throbbed and twitched and I could feel his warm cum all over my hand and arm.

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    Need this…

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Let me guide you in me. Then you can take care of the rest.


    Let me guide you in me. Then you can take care of the rest.

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